More than just an ATM

Others offer machines.

We drive transactions, keeping your customers and cash in-store.

$6 Billion in Transaction Volume Processed
30 Years of C-Store expertise
1500 active ATMs in network
Nationwide ATM Maintenance Service
Real-time Transaction Monitoring Dashboard
24/7 Customer Support Available
Flexible Payment Options for Customers
Robust Reporting and Analytics Tools Included
Instant Rewards bring Customers Inside

ATM Instant rewards drive your customers in-store to get cash. That's just the beginning - with on-screen advertising, we help steer your customers towards your highest-margin merchandise every time.

Keep 100% of the surcharge fee

With our owner / operator program, you'll keep every penny of surcharge fees on your ATM

20% More Transactions

By using ATM Instant Rewards and advertising at the pump as well as on the ATM

Tap-To-Pay Eligible

Increased speed of transaction means faster transactions and less friction

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Low cash SMS alerts.

Receive real-time notifications when your ATM's cash levels drop below a specified threshold

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Error alerts

Get notified immediately and resolve issues for uninterrupted operations - to keep the cash flowing

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Remote monitoring

Remotely track and manage all your ATMs across multiple stores in a single interface

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OTA Updates

Keep your machine updated with the latest advertisements, coupons and software to drive more in-store revenue

ATM Instant Rewards
Offer a different customer experience
• Your customers don't use your current ATM because of fees with low perceived value

• ATM Instant Rewards change that, with high perceived value in exchange for ATM fees
• Rewards are controlled by you, meaning that you can offer low real cost items to drive traffic

• Stores that leverage ATM Instant Rewards see an average 15% increase in customer purchases
More than your average ATM Program
  • More Customers in the Store with ATM Instant Rewards
  • More In-Store Sales with ATM Screen Ads & ATM TV™
  • More Foot Traffic with On-Machine Crypto
  • Larger Per-Transaction Totals with Cash Customers
  • More Profits for your Store
Partner with FIRSTCARD ATM.

Unlock Customer Transactions with sales-focused ATM Solutions. Instant Rewards, Digital Advertising, Profit Sharing, and Future-Proof Technology to Drive Store Profitability.